Apple announces special event for Sept. 9

Apple on Thursday sent out invitations to a special event being held on Sept. 9, 2014 at 10:00 am.

Typically Apple’s events are held either at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco or at the company’s campus, but this year is a bit different. Apple said in the invitation that the event will be held at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, the city where Apple’s corporate headquarters is located.

It’s widely expected that Apple will introduce new iPhones at the event, which makes perfect sense—Apple has used the September event to launch new iPhones for a number of years now. Getting new products out in the fall sets the company up for a solid holiday shopping season, the busiest time of the year for consumers.

I will be at the event and will bring you coverage as it happens.


  • Jim McPherson

    Time for random speculation based on the tagline!

    Umm.. they aren’t announcing as many products as they wanted to because of component/supply issues delaying their launch.

    • Buruh Tani

      Wish we could say more. 23 characters, 5 words. 23 % 5 = 3. Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • Boback

    You lucky, Heineken drinking, long bearded man!

  • Tom_P

    Let the hype begins!

    PS: My wallet is ready.

  • Poki

    The image seems to show the embedded logo in the iPhone 6. The tagline is tricky. It could imply that they would “wish to say more” now, i.e. in the invitation, so that they have incredible new things at the event and have a hard time not telling the world now. It could, of course, also imply that some products are not ready for prime time yet, so they had to delay them. Will be an interesting event anyway.

    • Chris

      It would seem to be the former (not being able to say more in the invitation) rather than the latter (not having enough to say at the event). Even if the latter would be true, there’s no way they would highlight the fact.

      • Poki

        Yeah, I agree, that’s the most probable explanation. Don’t want to buy a new iPhone yet (am I the only one who keeps these things for more than two years and still likes them?), but an iWatch or another nice gadget or software would be amazing!

    • evesrevenge

      Looks more like an ass, about to get penetrated. Maybe that’s a kind of hidden message..

    • Cam

      Could it be a double meaning. An improved phone and a watch that links to your phone may make it easier to communicate and “say more” and apple wishes they could “say more” in the invitation

  • disqus_4eRaXL4KST

    ‘ More ‘ perhaps suggests there’s more to expect than the usual stuff, i.e. above and beyond iPhone : iWatch. Reading the tea leaves.

  • Terry Maraccini

    Shoot, I’m busy that day.

    • B.otte L.

      Give them a call and ask them to change the date for you, pretty sure they will care as much as we do about you being busy that day so they will change the date for you…

  • Hesham Farag

    Look at the part of the logo they’ve zoomed in on. The top of the apple looks like a sine tracking – iWatch I’ve not seen a shadow from the leaf like that before, looks like a sundial – iWatch Two 9s look like upside down 6’s – two iPhone 6’s.

    • Poki

      I’d say the shadow is because this is the embedded Apple logo of the iPhone 6, and due to the light source obviously being positioned at the top left, it causes this shadow.

      • Hesham Farag

        But why would an embedded logo cause a shadow? It would be flush with the surface of the phone

        • Poki

          Depends on how it is embedded. If it indeed sits flush, than yeah, being a hint for the iWatch is the only explanation left. I’m very curious how it will look like, especially since the design of the Moto 360 is hard to beat.

      • Kelli

        Time of the event is 10 am. Drop shadow on logo is exactly where it would be at 10 am.

        • narg

          Looks to me to be 4:00am…

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      Good eye. What font is that? Would like to know if they’re really updside down 6’s.

  • Garrett Braun

    How about the logo casting a shadow? Sort of like the first time piece ever invented, a sun dial?

  • “Wish we could say more.” WhatsMac.

  • Thank’s for update 🙂

  • mglotzer

    The logo doubles as a finger touching a TouchID sensor. Identity will be a tent pole feature.

    • Dayv!

      This is the only theory here that doesn’t strike me as batsh*t crazy.

  • Raaz

    To me it seems some glass, I watch, 2 iPhone 6 models

  • Widohmaker

    Now the deluge of speculation will start. Oh wait, it never stopped! Who am I kidding. I’m giddy as a child.

  • B Spencer

    So…..can we get a “Yep” on the wearables?

    • narg


      • Deborah

        Yep on the Nope! 🙂

    • yeah it’s kind of odd. i guess he only yeps what hes told to yep.

    • yeah it’s kind of odd. i guess he only yeps what hes told to yep.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Oh this is going to be a good one.

  • DanPierce

    Obviously, the “wish we could say more” is referring to how they wish they could use their voice to do more, like, say, control an Apple TV.

    New Apple TV with Siri.

    • William


    • Yeah, Apple TV with Siri is going to be the main announcement.

    • Hopefully it doesn’t mean Siri will be at the center of their wearable strategy.

  • Moeskido

    It’s a Healthkit metaphor. The leaf of the apple is actually a Bluetooth-enabled suppository which will monitor colonic distress. They can’t “say more” because the recipient is biting down on a block of milled aluminium.

    • DanPierce

      You forgot an important detail. The aluminum has chamfered bezels.

      • Moeskido

        Of course. Meticulously designed to accommodate a majority of dental patterns.

    • With chamfered edges.

      • Moeskido

        I see we’re all on the same page. Ive’s video interview will have a lot of pixellated closeups.

  • Labellaking1970

    Steve Jobs ( One more thing )

    • Deborah

      Thought the same… only this time, it will be many more things!

  • Jim says new iPhones and not iPhone. Is he giving us a hint 🙂

  • brenthbjj

    will there be a live stream or do we need to see the video after the event?

    • narg

      There will be SO MANY live streams, the net will probably bog down that day…

  • Jeff Block

    If the iWatch isn’t round, and at least as attractive as the LG R, it’s DOA, no matter what its features. LG got the design right. It even used a fashion model in its teaser. Round is the only form factor that will have mass appeal. Anything else, too futuristic, will just appeal to niche techies and early adopters.

    • youd better let Cook know, ASAP.

    • exapple


    • simon

      This is why when Apple released a phone that wasn’t the accepted form factor it failed horribly.

  • Abhinav Gautam

    2014 – 1999 = 1999 – 1984 = 15 🙂

  • Or they mean, “this incredible new thing will HELP YOU say more.”

  • amin

    could anyone upload the banner in full size, please?

  • hp35

    Upside down, the date it looks like h105.6.6. (with a backwards five). 105 in hex is 69. “69.6.6”. I’m not sure what that means, but Satan might be involved.

    • Deborah

      Paul’s left foot is out of sync with the other Beatles, right?

  • gerrymcgarry

    Wish we could say more.

    Must be the new iPhone shuffle, no screen, just Siri

  • exapple

    Of course they could say more. Unless they’re being held hostage.

    This is obviously a ransom note.

  • MichaelQ

    ….and we’re off!


  • CuJo YYC

    If that’s the demo facility, as many have suggested, it means the iPhone 6 will be a LOT bigger than anything Samsung has ever built.

  • Iesabel Teres

    I have been reading a lot of about this today, and at first things seemed simple enough. I have been mostly ignoring new posts on it as the work day goes on, knowing that historically we really never have known the story based on invitation graphics.

    But…something about the buildings at that location was sticking out to me. So I read the last one describing a three story new building there, and thought about the history of this venue, and then I looked at the graphics again…

    This will be the third announcement at this venue, the other two were major Mac announcements heralding changes of direction: the first shifting Apple from Apple II/Lisa to Mac, the second coming with the complete redesign of the Mac in the form of the first iMac, in an environment where Power Computing had been absorbed and some of their tech used, and many lines had been dropped. Both of these announcements were sea change history defining announcements for the Mac. If this event did not contain a major history defining announcement about the Mac, it would break that cycle, and why then hold the event here with so much hullabaloo unless it is to end the story. The Mac story isn’t ending, so, it’s odd that no one is talking about iMacs…or…some new form of Mac. The watch thing does not count. The watch and the phones are great for town hall or other venues. They do not need to be here.

    The shape of the building is odd. It looks to me like a theater and reception area. Why they need to build a separate theater and reception area with so much vertical room is unclear, unless the idea is concert seating with multiple levels looking on the stage. The building itself almost looks like an Airport, or a related device to the Airport, like a Mac without a screen shaped similarly, a very different Mac Mini maybe,

    Other people have said that the Apple in the graphic looks like maybe a waveform, which would make sense if they do have a wearable. What the Android people have done is what they usually do…try to imagine what Apple is going to do and bust something out that looks deliberate, and as a result, they have watches with misfit screens that buzz your wrist with notifications constantly and require touch interaction. These things are inconvenient. What might make sense is a simpler voice activated device with nothing like the apps that Google people seem so eager to irritate themselves with, but the return of the DIck Tracy concept, where you flick your wrist and talk to HQ. It pairs with other devices, like your Phone, and computer, and collects data. You talk to it for common Siri things, but also, to open your garage door, and set your living room scene to “Get Some Tonight”. It doesn’t need a web browser, or a lot of display stuff, and if it ran apps, they’d be comically simple, like Menu Bar widgets.

    The stem of the Apple in the graphic casts a deep shadow. It’s pointy. The theme here connecting announcements looks like touch and talk, but the question is what kind of touch? Are we enhancing the trackpad for the Mac, or are we doing something about styluses for drawing on a larger screen iPad?

    This event now seems very, very interesting to me. What are they doing to the Mac??? 🙂

    • exapple

      There won’t be any Mac content at this event, except peripherally (sales trends mentions, device integration, etc.)

      • Iesabel Teres

        Good shooting, Tex.

  • Fisher

    U2 will be performing

  • cjf

    “One More Thing”

  • Ayysia

    Im perfectly good with my 5S. I just want iOS 8.

  • arche

    This is what I think of on 9th:

    10% hardware upgrade (i.e bigger screen, shockproof, waterproof, battery life, thinner, lighter, new cpu)

    10% software upgrade (i.e. previos bug fixes, icloud security (hackproof), usage statistic per app, kids parental control/monitoring, speed), more apps will be in cloud hosted solution but the drawback is you must have a data plan.

    New gadgets for health conscious (i.e. watch waterproof/shockproof, watch that monitor health and generate a weekly/monthly/yearly analysis.)

  • Fisher

    U2 wlll be performing on 9/9/14 with Dr Dre. It has been confirmed. I am a long time “confidant” of the band and thats all im going to say….Ive been with them for a long time…they are like brothers to me. I know what shoes they wear to bed. I know where they bury their skeletons. It’s a Dublin thing. U2 & Dre. Count on it!!!

  • Philip

    how do u get invites?

    • Moeskido

      For a start, earn Apple’s respect by reporting reliably and consistently about the personal computing market for two decades.