A survey of Apple developers focuses on frustration

The Tapdaq blog:

We asked a group of independent developers the question, what frustrates you most about developing on iOS?

Their answers were thought provoking and encouraged us to write about them in detail.

Inconsistent app rejections, flagging developer accounts, long app review times and not being able to update your metadata without a new app update were all discussed.

While the focus of this article is a relatively small (50) group of developers, and the presentation is a bit scattered, there are more than a few grains of truth here to process, a collection of complaints accompanied by links to anecdotes that make the case.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    These seem trivial. Now ask the same question about Android development and let’s see which are worse.

  • lucascott

    to me this article is hit whoring and specious in a number of ways.

    only 50 developers were asked these questions and no information about how they were picked was given. For all we know they went through the developers forums and looked for 50 folks that griped a lot. In other words, folks with a clear bias.

    While they are correct that the guidelines need to be formalized and codified and consistent they also miss some important facts later on. There was a time when metadata could be edited at any time and it was abused. The article misses this fact and that hurts the notion that it was a well researched discussion.

    Not to mention the whole thing about flagging accounts. If the flags are due to possible review nonsense and spamming the stores with skins, is that really an issue. I would say getting that crap out is of benefit to consumers and legit developers alike. So why position that as something Apple needs to fix. If anything they need to do more.

  • MattDice

    I’d like to see Apple create a “PRO” tier for developers who want some extra perks, which is a combination of more money and Apple screening the developer. Maybe its a small amount of expedited reviews without having to request one and hope they grant it, though I’ve never been denied a request in 4 years I’m always nervous they will say no when it really matters. Or a “PRO” developer just bypasses app review entirely but Apple still reviews the apps after they are released.

    The metadata is just stupid. I can’t tell you how stupid it feels in 2014 to have to submit a new binary to fix or update screenshots or keywords. If they want to stop the abuse, then hire some more reviewers to just review new metadata. I’d be fine having to “submit” new metadata, not a new app every time. Make a separate queue so it doesn’t bog down actual app reviews.

    Which on somewhat related side note. My BIGGEST complaint, is app review putting my app “in review” and letting it sit there for 5 days, now I can’t update the meta data while it is sitting there hopelessly.

  • Will/Can the metadata issue be fixed with the iCloud updates andexpansion coming with iOS 8?

  • Ankit Jain

    I hated the autolayout and now I am thinking to stop the continue with ios because autolayout is more frustrated topic. My 20 friend has changed the technology because of autolayout. Very stupid thing in iOS waste lot of time for creating the screen and not getting the proper solution. When I was started the iOS development I love it but due to autolayout I hate a lot. Very stupid topic autolayout. Many of developer fired in my previous organisation. I hate iOS I hate AUTOLYOUT.