One of the first Apple HomeKit-compatible devices ships


August Smart Lock, an electronic lock that provides keyless entry into the home, started shipping in limited quantities this week to consumers who placed orders on the company’s website.

The device…lets people unlock their doors using a smartphone app (instead of a key).

The electronic lock replaces the interior portion of an existing deadbolt lock and opens whenever you, a house guest or the cleaner approaches with the right virtual key stored in the smartphone app.

The second to last sentence in the piece might be even more important/interesting and I think it is the future of any Apple wearable.

  • Sigivald

    An … interesting solution.

    Not sure I prefer it to the more traditional “replace the whole lock and add a keypad, too” solution, which also lets you unlock with an app, but does require – usually – internet access, and always requires an HA hub.

    Then again, looking at Apple’s HomeKit presentation again, I wouldn’t be surprised if the HomeKit certification ended up including most if not all zWave locks, at some point.

    (I can’t find any good data on the details, sadly.)