iPhone camera tricks

The Washington Post ran this video showing a series of seven iPhone shooting tricks. Some of them were just OK, but I found a few of them to be brilliant.

Did you know you can use your headphone switch to take a picture? Combine that one with a water glass and you have a clever, albeit slightly risky way to take some underwater shots. I wonder if you could achieve the same thing with a very tall baggie.

  • I found out about the headphone switch the day I heard the volume control on the phone itself would take a picture. I tried it out on the headphones immediately, and was surprised and delighted when it worked.

    It’s really great for taking pictures, since it can be hard to tap the screen without wiggling the camera a bit. 🙂

  • Ugh.. When did this start being a thing? Loading a Flash element below a div? ClickToPlugin won’t work because I can’t actually click the Flash element, just the div above it. I don’t know the benefits of doing it that way, but I’m not taking part in it.

  • I’m sure they’re wonderful, but the link to the video doesn’t work for me. I guess I”ll use my other camera

  • stiv k

    None of the WaPo videos work for me on chrome or safari, and I was interested in this topic!

    They don’t work on iOS either. Bezos! Not your fault Dave but it makes this article more than useless to me, I wish u could bullet point the 7 things ( now I’m not even interested, just want to see the 10 minutes i took to go over to wapo, test their videos, open chrome try same, look for some wapo feedback, open wapo tv on iPhone, check that, google water jar iPhone camera….)