The best VPN solution for iOS and OS X

The Sweet Setup:

For Mac and iOS users, what are the options? We want to use free WiFi when it is available, but how do we stay secure? There are so many VPN services to help ensure your browsing is secure, but I’m going to focus on 3 for the purposes of this article.

I’ve used Cloak in the past but, for the most part, avoid doing any “serious work” on public WiFi.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    The great thing about Tunnel Bear is you can VPN into different regions around the world which allows you to stream iTV shows from the UK for instance, which are otherwise blocked in the US.

  • stsk

    No Witopia? Surely you’re kidding. Fast portals all over the world, seamless OS-X and iOS connectivity, excellent ease of use, good pricing…

  • Peter

    PureVPN offers free iOS and Android VPN on monthly basis i think you can judge the performance using it on your Android or iPhone

  • ZenMate just released their mobile apps for Android and iPhone. It works great. The Mac version is still free.

  • JamesVang1986

    I find a valuable list like you created with the name of best vpn software at vpnranks. This list also include the providers which you cover in your list

  • Anelly

    ibVPN has setup tutorials for iOS and OS x and also VPN clients: I had no issues with the speed and the customer support is great.

  • Thomas Smith

    I have found Express VPN to be the best among all. HMA is good to but Express has more regions. If you are running a mac then you should see this before setting a VPN.

  • Sandy Roberts

    I would recommend to use ExpressVPN for iOS and OS X. I am using it on my mac and its working like a charm