The science of depression explained in a simple video


While the science here is interesting and concentrates on how we think depression is linked heavily to genes, the important takeaway is that depression is a disease with a biological basis. Which is to say, it’s not just something people can “get over.” If you, or someone you know is depressed, understanding what’s really going on in the body is an important part of dealing with it.

I’m only just beginning to get a handle on my own personal issues with depression and, while this video won’t help, it is an interesting explanation of what some of the causes might be.

  • DanielSw

    Total horse dookey.

    • Thanks Doc. I’m sure your years of medical practice and experience bring a wealth of information to this discussion. It’s greatly appreciated.

      • DanielSw

        So don’t you think that if even half of the dookey these people are feeding us was true that the incidence of “depression” would decrease or at least level off? Sounds like yet another manufactured “disease” to me as an excuse to get more people dependent on drugs.

        • Thanks very much for your well reasoned and considered response.

        • Moeskido

          I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that you cherry-pick your science, too.

          • DanielSw

            Ah yes, and no one must assail the hallowed halls of SCIENCE!

            So the BRAIN and chemical imbalances thereof are responsible for this myriad of behavioral ills, is it? And all we can think to do is drug it into submission.

            And what do we get with all this pseudo-SCIENCE? More sick people, who are more and more duped into BELIEVING in SCIENCE and MEDICINE, who dutifully pay for more expensive drugs with paper money they get from the government.

            How could I DARE assail the hallowed halls of SCIENCE?

          • Assail away. Science is built on that foundation.

            But, unless you assail with facts and data, like…you know…science does, anything you say is, in your own words, “Total horse donkey”.

            Have a nice evening.

          • JDSoCal

            Neuroscientists all agree: You’re an ignoramus.

            I’d love to see you walk into a VFW and tell all the guys with depression and PTSD about their made up wimpy manufactured disease, tough guy.

            Or maybe tell some former NFL players contemplating suicide that their ailments are fake.

            Tough guy.

          • There’s no need for name calling no matter how much you may disagree with the poster. Please get back on track or drop the discussion. Thank you.

          • JDSoCal

            Ignoramus means ignorant, and he is obviously ignorant of all accepted psychiatric understanding of depression.

          • I’m well aware of what the word means. And there’s no need to use it in order to insult or belittle another poster, regardless of your opinions on his viewpoints.

          • Lukas

            Assailing away at existing scientific knowledge is a scientist’s very job description. If you think that there are “hallowed halls of science” that people don’t attack, you don’t know the first thing about how science works.

            If you wanted to make an actual difference, rather than posting angry screeds on the Internet, you should just go ahead and study neuroscience, write a scientific paper that outlines and proves your hypothesis, get it peer-reviewed and published in a respectable publication, and thus convince everybody that you’re right.

            That’s what actual scientists actually do.

        • Lukas

          “So only doctors can know anything about the mind?”

          Nobody said that. However, in general, people who spend years researching a topic know more about said topic than random people on the Internet.

          It’s really funny, in a way. You wouldn’t go around claiming that you know more about computer chips than an engineer who spent four years studying it, and then worked at Intel for a decade, reading papers, doing her own research, working on chip designs, and so on.

          Yet at the same time, you have no issues doing the exact same thing to a neuroscientist. Where did you get the impression that you’re smarter than a neuroscientist, and know more about their topic than they do? If you take a step back and look at your own position, surely you must realize that it is just as absurd as claiming that you know more about chip design than an Intel engineer?

          Or maybe you’re claiming that these people actually do know what they’re doing, but that tens of thousands of scientists are lying to us a vast scale, and somehow, nobody amongst them has a problem with that, even though most of them make terrible wages compared to what they could do in a different field? If so, I would suggest to you that you should actually visit one of them, because you seem to be paranoid.

    • Lukas

      Not bad! Using only three words, you managed to not only insult a ton of people, but also communicate your utter lack of understanding of a topic. Even on the Internet, that’s well below average! I think there must be some kind of award for this.

  • dr.two

    Depression is Design of Evolution to protect the brain from punishment part of the brain as opposed to Reward part.

    Brain rewards you for food, sex, socializing, etc. Punishment Part is Stress especially when fear is triggered an you don’t respond by either fleeing or fighting.

    Depression is not a disease in any form where some bacteria or virus has taken control of you.

    Problem is the Americans are led to believe that Happiness is everything and can’t deal with other parts of the system like stress, pain (which is signal for immune system).

    • dr.two

      When you over emphasize Happiness. The brain requires more and more level of stimulation like any other drug. So what you get from that is Depression.