Tom Hanks’ typewriter app for iPad

Behold, Hanx Writer, created by Tom Hanks. Hanx Writer recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but with the ease and speed of an iPad.

I must admit, this is a pretty cool app. It’s great when someone can take a passion, like a typewriter, and create an app. The @AppStore will have a live chat with Hanks this morning at 9 am PT.

  • imthedude

    49 ratings, no reviews, from what looks like a factory app house that makes money with IAPs. Just saying…

    • Zepfhyr

      I haven’t left a review, but in my limited time with it so far, it’s a pretty neat toy. Especially if you use a Bluetooth keyboard. Of course, if you don’t have typewriter fetish, it likely won’t appeal to you.

  • marcintosh

    Considering it looks like a typewriter and it’s whole reason is to sound like a typewriter, it’s got to be the most skeuomorphic app ever. Jony Ive would hate it.

    • DustyVH

      and Steve would love it. /wink

  • Boback

    I don’t particularly like the app all that much. Would probably use the novelty keyboard, if they make it an keyboard extension in iOS8.

  • exapple

    Come on, a typewriter? How about a game where you and your best friend have to dupe your landlord by dressing as women? Now, THAT I’d pay for.

    • I think Apple rejected it because of the the word “Bosom” in the title.

  • Alexei Baboulevitch

    Looks a bit like “The Amazing Type-Writer” for iPhone ( You can move the typewriter head around and stuff. Really great app.

  • Jim McPherson

    All this did was get me to unfollow @AppStore. I absolutely hate when normal twitter feeds suddenly become live chats.

  • bobrk

    Oh, not THAT Tom Hanks…

  • Tom_P

    Great app! Do one thing and do it right. I bought it full price for 2 reasons. I love typewriter, and this app slapped Jony Ive in the face. 🙂