Microsoft reignites Mac vs. PC conflict for new Surface Pro 3 ads

The Verge:

Microsoft is bringing the Mac vs. PC battle back with full force today.

While the company targeted the MacBook Air at the launch of the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s latest ads place both devices head-to-head. It’s a style that’s similar to how Microsoft has targeted the iPad and even Siri recently, and one that mimics Apple’s classic ads from the ‘00s. There’s three 30-second spots in total, and each focuses on the touchscreen and pen benefits of the Surface Pro 3 over Apple’s MacBook Air.

As always – don’t read the comments section.

  • Steuph

    Oh we can plug things in too, we have ONE single USB port, sure that’s enough for everyone.

  • Kyler Finn

    Like, is it even possible to teach an old dog new tricks?

  • Fair points but it was a bit boring. Could’ve been better.

  • James Hughes

    One comment was amusing at least.

    “Well…I mean, if we’re going to get technical, the Surface can do more

    Except, getting bought. The Surface can barely do that at all compared to the MacBook.”

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      What exactly can it do more of i’m still wondering?

      • James Hughes

        Yeah, they probably should have wrote

        “Well…I mean, if we’re going to get technical, the Surface can’t do more, it can’t even get bought. The Surface can barely do that at all compared to the MacBook.”

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    Their Siri commercial is a joke! They aren’t even using the real Siri voice. How do they get away with it?

    • Couldn’t they get sued if they did?

      • GFYantiapplezealots

        I would think so. They are using the dictation/Accessibility voice which is not the same as Siri. If Siri actually answered with what Microsoft is showing it does, it sounds a lot different and better.

        • The voice matters means nothing. It is all about the abilities.

          • GFYantiapplezealots

            Of course it doesn’t matter to an anti-apple zealot. If it doesn’t matter then why didn’t they use the real voice? Maybe Apple should start using the voice of Timmy from Southpark for WP7 phones and Jimmy for Android phones?

          • They used a “nerd” voice the last time they attacked MSFT. Why not?

            Aside from the clear sarcasm, the commercial would prob suck for them on a PR level. Using a “computer voice” keeps it from being them misrepresenting the other product.

  • May we read the comments section here instead? 🙂

  • By “reignites” they mean “the same desperate Me Too! ads that they’ve always run”.

  • Oh gods. The comments.

    Also, at what point did Microsoft stop bashing Apple devices in it’s ads?

    • Seriously!? Even after I told you NOT to read them!?

      Come on, man!

  • lucascott

    Really lame. Seriously do they have to bring up the pen, keyboard and kickstand all the time. It feels like they have little faith in anything else so they are avoiding mentioning it. The one time they actually bring up anything else is the i5 processor but then they have to go back to that stupid kickstand.

    And then there is the lame attempt to copy the very outdated “i’m a Mac, I’m a Pc” ads. What made those ads work in their time was that Apple did their homework about the complaints and issues Windows users had and focused on how Apple addresses those issues. Microsoft just lists off stuff and says ‘we’re better’ without any proof of how.