Jean-Louis Gassée posts open to letter to Tim Cook seeking better curation for the App Store

In this week’s Monday Note, Jean-Louis Gassée once again pressed his case for Apple to craft a humanly curated App Store experience, rather than one based purely on algorithms. This is not a new argument (Gassée has written about curation here and here), but the need for curation has become more and more obvious.

The App Store may be a gold mine, but it’s buried in an impenetrable jungle.

As always, the Monday Note is a terrific read and Gassée is the voice of a lifetime of experience. But this third quest for human curation might turn out to be the charm. The timing couldn’t be better. A big motivation behind Apple’s recent acquisition of Beats was to bring human curation to Apple’s music ecosystem. As the universe of available content becomes more complex, more splintered, the value of human curation increases at the same pace.

My favorite part of Gassée’s spiel:

Why do I care? Good question, I’m now 70 and could just sit in zazen and enjoy the show. And there’s a lot of show to enjoy: The tech industry is more exciting now than when I was a rookie at HP France in 1968. But in today’s app stores, the excitement fades — and I’m not just talking about Apple, Android’s Google Play is every bit as frustrating. I see poorly exploited gold mines where quantity obscures quality and the lack of human curation ruins the Joy of Apps. There are caves full of riches but, most of of the time, I can’t find a path to the mother lode.

The man can write.