Apple’s App Store curation efforts – A response to Jean-Louis Gassée

David Barnard responds to Jean-Louis Gassée’s post about the need for human curation in the App Store.

Some interesting discussion in the comments (you’ll need to view the original Loop post on your Mac or iPad to see the comments). The running discussion is whether making the App Store easy to search is Apple’s job, or if it is the responsibility of the developer to create content that is compelling enough to make it easy to find, perhaps by word of mouth.

Personally, I don’t think of it in terms of whose job it is. I think of the App Store as a product, an Apple product. And Apple products are built to be easy to use and with great attention to detail. When Apple designed the App Store, it was relatively easy to self-curate, easy to navigate. This approach no longer works.

From David Barnard:

I absolutely agree with @gassee that the App Store is a jungle, but Apple is curating it, & took big steps in iOS 8

I don’t know how big the human curation effort is, but it sounds like Apple is working the problem. I know that if they do come up with a solution that makes it much easier for me to find apps that solve a specific problem, I’ll be handing Apple (and Apple developers) more of my cash.

And that’s a win-win.

  • lucascott

    what would you think of something akin to the ideas here

  • Terry Maraccini

    The App Store and the iTunes Store both need serious revision. They have not scaled well over time. The stores obfuscate important new software in favor of meaningless top 10 lists. there is no sense that anyone cares about what appears on the pages of the store.

    Search should be a big visible part of the experience.

    • lucascott

      Agreed. If you look at the link I posted yesterday there are some interesting thoughts on the matter of all of the stores.

      one that stands out is the comments about metadata. I have dealt with that issue personally so I’m full on in agreement that that is a huge place to start.

  • Kris404

    AppStore & iTunes search sucks – pure and simple; no two ways about it. The query can’t even do simple fuzzy search.

    The Chomp integration is useless with small cards on an even smaller screen.

    • Merckel

      I have to agree, sadly. Try searching for a popular app on the iPad and the jungle is very dense. It’s a big disappointment that it hasn’t been fixed before now.

  • other than top-lists (best selling, editors picks, best-reviewed, etc), theres search. really, thats all it comes down to. theres no other way to browse thru a million apps, so i dont understand what this “curation” talk is all about. sounds an awful lot like when Yahoo was a curated listed of grouped websites-known-to-exist, and now yahoo is a search engine — you search for either 1) the thing itself youre looking for, or 2) the type of thing.

    what more is there?