One way to deal with a telemarketer

This is simply genius.

  • Kaohsiung

    Telemarketers are annoying, but that was a shitty and vindictive thing to do. Is it really that hard to say “no thanks, I’m not interested” and hang up?

    • Joe Debono

      Not hard at all the first 20 times then it gets harder and harder.

  • Moeskido

    I can see someone wanting to do such a thing if they’d gotten multiple calls from the same vendor, even after telling them to stop calling. But this punishes a low-level employee for what their shitty employer is doing.

  • DanielSw

    I’d call this “clever”, but not “genius.” I agree that it’s overly vindictive as well as fraudulent, as the called party misrepresented his identity. So it may have been illegal.

    Seems like the overall quality of recent Loop Insight articles is slipping. I personally miss Jim’s material.

  • lucascott

    I have to agree with the folks that say this is petty and nasty. It was. and ultimately pointless because it isn’t really going to stop the calls. Suing because folks aren’t abiding by the do no call lists or direct requests might do something. But this just annoys folks for a couple of hours, a day at best.

    in this day and age most of us use cell phones or land lines with caller id screens. How hard is it to just decline the call if you don’t recognize or can’t see the number. Not that hard really. If it’s someone important they will leave a voicemail or text you.

    my only beef with that is that when i block a number they can still leave a voicemail. if I block it I don’t want to talk to them so why do i want a message from them. Which is feedback I have sent to Apple.

  • lucascott

    sorry but THIS is the best way to deal with a telemarketer (borderline NSFW so keep the volume down)

  • Jack Azout