National Geographic’s 2014 photo contest winners announced

National Geographic:

National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 18,000 entries from around the globe. With thousands of pictures to review, judges found themselves wandering through stunning ice caves, mysterious desert views, and intriguing scenes from cultures throughout the world. Which photos were selected as the best of the best?

As always, some absolutely incredible shots in this collection.

  • CJ

    Amazing images, but you’d think a venerable institution like National Geographic would have a better gallery feature. I find no way to view the images full screen (other than tediously downloading the images as wallpapers-unless I’m missing something). Such a missed opportunity to highlight these great pictures in the best possible way.

  • Jeff

    As always, the photos continue to be ethnographic in nature and a highly problematic representation of western/white fascination with the “exotic” other.