Service tells you how much smarter you are than your friends

Pando Daily:

Using the highly scientific process of…hunting for fancy words in tweeted headlines…Beak allows users to calculate the grade level of their tweets.

Not scientific at all but fun to use for comparison’s sake. I tweet at a level of 7th Grade. Which sounds high to me.

  • CJ

    Hmmmmm. A test of intelligence based on bursts of text limited to 140 characters or less. Sounds like a great way to measure ones intellectua

  • The Loop don’t fall so low

    Comming from Pando… Expect its intellectual level to be the inverse of the squares of the distance that separates that “whatever” Pando from News Outlet.

  • Moeskido

    “There is only one thing worse than tweeting at a seventh-grade level. And that is not tweeting at a seventh-grade level.”

  • lucascott

    lame stunt nonsense. i can only imagine they are getting ad money for folks hitting the site.

    the highest scores aren’t even people but a tweet feed from some academic journal of article titles.

    and then after the Dalai Lama are 2-3 news sites posting headlines.

  • Haha, my smartest tweet had a typo, and it had big words, but was close to incoherent. 8th grade.