Malcolm Young may not return to AC/DC

Very sad news for the music industry, but after reportedly suffering a stroke earlier this year, it appears that Malcolm may not recover enough to rejoin the band.

  • CJ

    AC/DC was my first favorite band (circa mid-80s) and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” was one of my first records. (By which I mean a black vinyl disk with grooves in it that made wonderful sounds when played on a “record player.”)

  • stroke

    Stroke occurs in the part of the brain which controls the hand movement and speech. So that is the area that gets paralyzed.

    The reason it occurs is the blood vessels in that area of brain is quite thin and high blood pressure pops them. Salt is the reason for high blood pressure.

  • BGC

    That’s too bad. His guitar work is AC/DC. Love Angus too and completely worship his bluesy work, but Malcom can lay that first riff instant band recognition phenomenon down. Seen them so often live – thanks for all the years and get well. And to the dude who wrote that stroke-spam: what’s wrong with you?

  • Too bad the biographer has never talked to the Youngs. First because it would make what he says more credible, and his book would be worth buying.