1Password on sale, iOS 8 version will be a free update


We are announcing that, for Mac and iOS users, our updates coming this fall for Apple’s OS X Yosemite and iOS 8—yes, including our awesome new Safari and in-app extension—will be free for current owners.

We’ve put 1Password for desktops on sale for 30 percent off, and 1Password for iPhone and iPad on sale for a whopping 40 percent off (1Password 4 for Android remains free-to-try through August 18!).

Get 1Password for Mac for just $34.99 and 1Password for iOS for just $9.99.

I personally highly recommend 1Password.

  • Jim McPherson

    If you’re not using any devices outside the Apple ecosystem, what’re the advantages of 1Password vs. iCloud Keychain?

    • Peter Hewson

      Keychain won’t work with other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 1Password also has a feature called Watchtower that let’s you know if someone has tried to compromise your password. There is a lot of overlap between Keychain and 1Password, but even though I technically could get by with Keychain, I prefer 1Password because Safari doesn’t play well some of my financial institutions websites.

  • Kris Lord

    I appreciate its a great product, but it’s stilll too expensive for an app that simpy remembers your passwords. I also dislike having to pay for each OS I use. If I could pay $20 and have access to ios, Mac and windows it may be worth it. But to use all 3 would be very expensive. I’ll stick to keychain.

  • John

    I’ve used 1Password for years. I like the company and product. Integrates with all my browsers, generates strong passwords, easy to create logins, and easy to change my passwords. I think it’s worth the money.

  • MichaelQ

    Does 1 Password integrate with your apps like Keychain will in ios8?

  • James Hughes

    I must be a control freak, I’ve had access to one password for free and not used it. I like knowing what my passwords are. I rotate and change them often and use difficult to guess or crack passwords. But the bottom line is I feel like I should know my passwords. Of which there are probably around 15 or so as well as 20 or so that I have to remember for work (I work in IT). I can’t imagine not knowing what my bank account passowrd is.