Foursquare 8.0: All things reconsidered


Who was not a happy camper when Foursquare suddenly decided to take their self-named app, rip the fun part — check-ins — out of the app, and put it into a new app named Swarm? Me, that’s who.

It really torqued me off that an app that I had enjoyed for years was suddenly breaking into two apps. Hell, that’s almost as bad as what Facebook did, forcing users to load another app (Facebook Messenger) to do something they’d always been able to do from within the iOS Facebook app. Well, the new Foursquare app, AKA version 8.0, arrived today, so I decided to take a hit for the team and install it.

I’ve never been a Foursquare user (I have no friends I want to track and vice versa) so, while I’ve heard a lot written about this subject, I have no personal experience. How about you? Has Foursquare made things better or worse for you?

  • John

    I stopped using Foursquare when they split the app.

    • crateish

      Same here.

  • I used Foursqure a lot, to sign in and find out about the place I had signed in at, and places around it. Since it’s moved to Swarm, its become more about the social, rather than the signing in (for example, beforehand when you signed in, you could see what points you had amounted, and access the venue easily, you now cannot in Swarm)

    I can see where they’re going with this, but the fact they are basically forcing users into the new model isn’t the way to go. If Swarm turns into what Foursquare was, then I’ll be happy (once we get there) until then, they’re turning Foursquare into something more social than it’ll ever be.

    • frodo2007

      I quit. No app sprawl for me, please

  • fucktards

    What’s with the “What do you think” at the end of all these posts? What is this, huffington post?

    • My apologies for being curious about what The Loop they think about these stories. Forgive me for wondering about others’ opinions.

      • CJ

        Thanks for welcoming discussion, Shawn. This is the only place on the web I regularly read comments. Only occasionally am I disappointed by what some commenters say.

        • You’re welcome. I don’t ask for thoughts/opinions on every story I post – just the ones where I’m honestly curious what others think about the topic at hand.

          If you don’t see me ask a question at the end of a post it means I don’t care what you think….


  • ggruber66

    I think it was a dumb-ass decision to split the apps. IMO the check in and discovery paths are very intertwined. Let’s say I am looking for a place to go. Foursquare tells me and then I go there and try to check in. But now Foursquare has me jump out of one app and over to Swarm (presuming I’ve downloaded it). Same works in reverse (at a place Ive checked and want to see what’s next). What used to be a 1-tap, fairly painless transaction is now a multi-app, multi-tap process. I think this not only hurts the user, but it may dissuade users from checking in more often which reduces the amount of data Foursquare gathers to make their discovery engine better. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    And Fred Wilson’s piece about it being about privacy is ludicrous. This couldn’t be handled more easily with a single, 1-time privacy setting toggle button? Jeez.

  • Terry Maraccini

    I don’t care what my friends are doing when they’re not hanging out with me.

  • lucascott

    I like the idea of the swarm feature but it should have been a feature in the app. And good heavens does it kill battery. Force quitting the app doesn’t help

  • I dig it. I also like two Facebook apps but the experience is superior on Android with the chat heads so I could see it being a problem for an iOS user.