Xiaomi passes Samsung in China, Micromax passes Samsung in India

Two huge markets, two big market losses for Samsung.

In China, via WSJ:

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker with the diminutive name, became the leading smartphone vendor in China in the second quarter, with its shipments exceeding Samsung’s for the first time, according to figures from market research firm Canalys.

Xiaomi led China’s second-quarter smartphone shipment rankings with 14% market share, following by Samsung, Lenovo and Yulong each with 12%. It’s quite a jump from the first quarter, when Xiaomi’s 10.7% market share trailed Samsung’s 18.3% and Lenovo’s 11%. And an even bigger leap from a year ago, when Xiaomi only held 5%.

In India, via Reuters:

Indian budget smartphone maker Micromax has ousted Samsung Electronics Co Ltd as the leading brand in all types of mobile phones in the April-June quarter, grabbing a 16.6 percent market share, a recent research report showed.

Samsung had 14.4 percent market share, down from 16.3 percent in the first quarter, said the report by Counterpoint Research. In the smartphone segment, however, Samsung still came out tops.

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  • I just think Xiaomi makes a better product. The phones look great and the software isn’t intrusive. I expect them to seriously smash Samsung.

    • Gandhi

      Yes, copying Apple inevitably leads to a better product 🙂

      • The devices look nothing like iPhones. Aside from their site being picked apart for stealing graphics and mocking the phone camera to look like Aperture, the phones are definitely not copies.

        • Gandhi
          • invinciblegod

            Don’t worry, not everything they do is copied from apple. For instance, the xiaomi mi 3. You will see that it looks nothing like an apple device.

          • So let’s list these: 1 – Mi3 2 – A phrase 3 – size of mini and colors of 5c 4 – square set-top box 5 – trackpad 6 – a store w/ brown tables and white walls

            7 – a mock of the Mi3 w/ an Aperture looking camera lens

            That’s the list. Now read my statement above again. #1 is the only one that applies and that’s clearly not an iPhone. The top has a logo [not Apple’s] and the bottom has 3 buttons [not 1]. Only thing in common is white w/ silver edges.

            2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are not phone related but my thoughts for absolute clarity: 2 – Yep 3 – Size: meh but I’ll concede. Colors: yep. 4 – Very close. I’ll give it a yep. 5 – Yep. 6 – Meh. Very close.

            7 is a mock of the phone. Surely that helped them sell at least 1 more Mi3.

          • Gandhi

            I tip my hat to you for conceding on most of them.

          • invinciblegod

            Also, I was being sort of facetious in my saying that the mi3 looks nothing like an “apple” device. To me it looks like a knockoff of a nokia n9/lumia800 and so my joke was not very effective.

          • I like how it is an android site that point it out.

          • the cultofandroid article nails it — i had to do double-takes to identify which was the iphone and which the android-knockoff

  • However, you know this is only going to doom Apple, right? At least that’s what all the “Tech Bloggers” say.

  • I can’t wait for Xiaomi to be the new darling of the “Apple is Doomed” crowd. Especially in light of the fact that they are just as much if not more of a blatant copycat than Samsung.

    • invinciblegod

      No one is ever going to say that. At most, they will say that xiaomi dooms apple in china. Xiaomi’s apple copycat products will never enter any nation with any copyright protection. Now, if they follow samsung’s strategy of making a copy (Galaxy S 1), then follow up with their own product designs after establishing the brand (the polished stone nature “design” of the S 3 and later), maybe they will become a worthy competitor. But that is far in the future if at all.

      • No one is ever going to say that.

        Come on. You are a god. You already know this is happening.


        • invinciblegod

          Well technically, they don’t say that apple is doomed, but just to “be afraid.” Also, disregarding that, I guess what I said and “apple is doomed” rhetoric is not mutually exclusive. Oops.

  • dreyfus2

    I think the main lesson here is that Apple was once again right in not listening to the vast majority of pundits and analysts.

    If they would have followed the suggestions to go for market share and budget devices, they would now be competing with these brands, losing profits, revenue and market share, just like Samsung.

  • So market share IS important after all when judging the competition? Just not if it’s Apple. Right?