Gruber’s prescient comments about a potential iPhone from 2006

When Dell and Blackberry scoffed at the Apple/IBM alliance announced a few weeks ago, it struck a chord for John Gruber, reminding him of something from long ago. He finally figured out what it was.

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

Great read, less so for the quote, which was a good one, but for Gruber’s prescient take on something that wouldn’t be announced for more than 6 months.

  • Beardedfox

    Gosh, reading that old Slashdot article that he linked to is embarrassing. Shows just how little has changed, despite the internet feeling like a totally different place.

  • Marc

    You mean 6 weeks. It was announced on January 9, 2007.