First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast


Farmer N’Da Alphonse grows cacao and has never seen the finished product.

“To be honest I do not know what they make of my beans,” says farmer N’Da Alphonse. “I’ve heard they’re used as flavoring in cooking, but I’ve never seen it. I do not even know if it’s true.”

We take chocolate for granted and most of us probably can’t remember our first taste of it. Imagine being one of these cacao farmers and tasting it for the very first time.

  • Mike Wehner

    This is both really cool and really sad at the same time. It’s insane to think this guy spends his life harvesting the beans for very little money and has never tasted chocolate before. We don’t know how good we have it sometimes.

    • Exactly what I was thinking when I watched it and the reason why I posted it here.

    • Tulkas

      every American is the world’s 1%

  • Moeskido

    It’s almost as if free-market capitalism isn’t benefiting them and the hard work they do. I can’t understand it.


  • Walt French

    Meanwhile, I remember fondly MY first taste of the slimy goop inside the raw cocoa bean (when I was in Liberia, near Côte d’Ivoire). Before fermentation, not very chocolately, more vanilla-like. But still, heavenly.