The best cheap printer

The Wirecutter:

For students, small-office denizens, or anyone with modest printing needs, the Samsung Xpress M2835DW is the most efficient way to make hard copies of term papers, tax forms, or any other documents that look great in grayscale.

I haven’t needed to print this kind of stuff in years but this looks like a pretty good deal.

  • Dave
  • Dave

    I would go for the Brother 2270DW. I have owned both, and the Samsung one broke within a year. I have since recommended the printer to 4 different family members and none of them have had a problem.

    • I’ve had similar luck with Samsung printers.

      I actually commented on the Wirecutter review before I noticed this here. I had one of the models before the one that was reviewed, a friend had an identical one, and my sister had the model that was one newer than mine. All failed within a year before any toner cartridge needed to be replaced, even. They all failed in the same manner.

      I own a Brother printer now. I don’t know the exact model number, but it works really well and have had it longer than a year by now with no problems.

    • Brian Mauter

      I have the Brother HL-5250DN. I’m still on the original toner cartridge and drum after about six years! Granted, we don’t print that much, but that’s exactly the reason I got it. I was going through ink cartridges left and right. My only gripes are that it doesn’t do AirPrint (wasn’t around back then) and that it isn’t color (duh). Oh, it also causes my battery backup (on the same circuit) to think we’re having a brownout when it starts up.

      I love it though. Great printer.

  • Dave

    I looked into this a while ago on The Wirecutter and elsewhere but couldn’t find what I wanted: The best cheap monochrome (hopefully laser) printer with color scanner & AirPrint.

    The Samsung recommended by The Wirecutter supports AirPrint but doesn’t have a scanner. They recommend the Brother HL-2280DW for those that need a scanner but it doesn’t support AirPrint.

    Does anyone have any recommendations?

  • I love my HP P1005. If/when I replace it, it will be with a P1102w; basically, the same printer with wireless and AirPrint.

  • Moeskido

    Our laser printer, an HP 1320tn, is almost eight years old. The short list included a similarly-configured Brother; we were looking for Ethernet and duplex printing capability. I suppose wireless would be on the feature list if we were shopping for one now, but I’m loathe to look at another all-in-one after the slow death of our last Canon inkjet.