Apple begins Beats employee integration

Apple executives have visited Beats’ Southern California headquarters this week and last week to offer groups of employees positions at Apple and to notify some members of the Beats staff that they will not be included in the transition.

This makes perfect sense. Redundant admin type positions are always going to be casualties in any acquisition.

  • Greg

    I hope they get a decent severance package.

  • It makes sense, but it’s really hard when it happens. I was working for Emagic when we got bought by Apple and the day they let go all the admin folks was horrible.

  • Mantrax

    That kind of “integration” is the fastest way to destroy what you just acquired.

    People have built cohesion in their teams, they’ve built their workflow around their team leaders, around their processes and even their place of work.

    When you start dismantling teams and optimizing away “redundant positions” you’re destroying that cohesion, morale drops, performance drops, and soon those people leave their brand new spanking Apple positions. Just like it happens with Siri.