Apple TV updated with new channels

Apple on Tuesday updated Apple TV with a number of new channels from around the world.

CNBC offers real-time streaming of its programming on Apple TV, as well as giving users on-demand video from its signature programs. You will need to authenticate with your cable or satellite provider in order to watch any of the CNBC programming.

Fox Now is available to authenticated cable and satellite users, offering full episodes of hit shows. This channel also offers a personalized home screen based on your user preferences.

TV 2 Sumo is available in Norway and gives users premium sports content like the English Premier League. You can also watch programming for kids, live channels and entire seasons of dramas, news and documentaries.

Esporte Interativo is Brazil’s most watched sports channel and Apple’s first channel in Latin America. This channel costs $4.99 for a monthly subscription.

I love my Apple TV and use it all the time. I watch many of the channels on the device itself and AirPlay content to it often. I do wish I didn’t have to authenticate with my cable provider though. I’d gladly pay a subscription for some of these channels if the option was available to me.

  • ChuckO

    The other big problem for me is “Switching” on an AppleTV. I watched a lot of World Cup on the ESPN Watch (channel, app?) on my AppleTV and if there was two games on at the same time bouncing back and forth was awful. That made me realize as it stands using AppleTV full time would be rough. You really have to be committed to what your watching on AppleTV.

    • That’s why you have an AppleTV and an iPad. 😉

      • ChuckO

        It’s gotta work like TV already does as a start and build from there to be more than an iTunes convenienceDVR replacement.

        The ability to jump back and forth between content sources quickly is an absolute must.

        • I was being a bit facetious. 😉

          • ChuckO

            I know but you gave me an excuse to pontificate some more so…;)

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    As long as we need to authenticate a cable subscription these are all USELESS!!

  • imthedude

    More channels, and still a horrible interface. Also having to authenticate to a cable provider really does nothing much at all.

    • Hiding the icons you don’t use goes a long way toward improving the UI experience. I’m down to a few rows and it’s blissful.

  • wcjay

    My youtube app disappeared after the update. Am I the only one?

    • Steve

      check under settings to make sure the channel isn’t hidden. I’ve had that happen a couple times.

  • RonBraithwaite

    I love my Apple TV. The only problem with it is the authentication because we do not have any cable TV subscription – Internet only. We pay to get the Daily Show and we pay for other stuff. I really do not mind paying if I don’t have to see advertising (which is why I don’t do Hulu). I go out of my way to avoid advertising and I don’t want to subsidize an obsolete business model with cable TV. So just let me subscribe to what I want to subscribe to, dammit!

  • Joseph Blake

    There are so many “authenticated” channels that it’s quickly becoming apparent that one centralized login is needed. Let me auth my AppleTV with my cable company, and then you auth me to all the channels in the background. Or, better yet, let me auth my Netflix, Hulu, and cable account with my AppleID so I don’t have to enter ANY passwords on the TV screen.

    • SuperMatt

      What we REALLY need is for TV networks to stop the cable authentication completely. They can put ads into the stream I watch online without a problem – make the money there! As it is, they have fewer viewers because of these things.

      • Joseph Blake

        Well, I want a pony.

        Yeah, it’d be great if they didn’t do authentication but personally I’d rather pay (via cable or other means) than have ads. Also, the economics of it means that ads aren’t viable.

        At any rate, since we are stuck with authentication, it’d be nice if Apple authenticated the device once and then handle per-app/channel authentication in the background.

  • It can’t be long until we can pay for service a la carte. If I could subscribe to only Watch ESPN and Fox Sports Go, I’d cut cable in an instant. I have a feeling Viacom and other conglomerates are trying to hold things up – I have no doubt it’s the direction Apple wants to go.

  • Perry

    One thing i’ve noticed is that not all providers are available for each channel. Some lack TWC, others lack Comcast, still others U-verse, etc.

    The only bright spots: the subscription sports channels, and PBS, which lets you ‘authenticate’ thru their website.

  • turco320

    I love my Apple TV <3

  • SuperMatt

    Authenticating a cable subscription is really stupid for watching shows that are available on broadcast TV. I get TV from antenna and can watch all those shows for free in HD, live. But if I don’t have cable or a DVR, I can’t watch them online when I miss an episode? I can understand cable networks wanting to protect their content, but ABC and Fox shouldn’t be requiring a cable subscription.

  • itsgene

    The most galling examples of the authentication is with something like Fox or ABC, which want me to prove that I pay for cable TV even though those channels are available free, over the air.

    If I had cable, why would I watch these on my Apple TV and use my data connection?

    • ChuckO

      to quote Hendrix: “It’s a frustrating mess!”.

  • NC

    or you wish you’d just authenticate once a month (because we all only have 1 cable provider) and that would then unlock all the channels, rather than having to log into each one.

  • lucascott

    ” I’d gladly pay a subscription for some of these channels if the option was available to me.”

    so much yes here. I cut cable because I only watch a few channels, especially ones that don’t show episodes within a day or two on their own site or Hulu. The only stations that I would watch are HBO and Starz and I would happily pay the $15-20 a month to subscribe directly via their app without the overhead of a cable subscription.

  • buzzy2

    The cable requirement makes this marginal at best and as far as maneuvering around channels, etc, Tivo makes the aapl controls look weak, Further, PBS content on their websites is more extensive than what is available through apple tv. Why does a non cable subscriber have access to more stored content than a subscriber who is using apple tv? Also, the net flix online search tools make it much easier to look for content to taste than aapl tv. I hope there is a master plan for a great leap forward because it is pretty marginal now. I do a lot of airplay from actual websites. Pretty silly.