Android flaw empowers new super-malware

I’m shocked at the lack of security in this piece of shit operating system. SHOCKED!

  • Jim Rustler

    I’m shocked Apple copies everything from this piece of shit operating system a year or 2 later, SHOCKED

    • EdisonCarter

      Well they haven’t copied the shitty security.

  • Rafael

    lol, Jim, wow. The tone of your comments make you look sillier by the day.

    • fucktards

      I’m no fan of Android, but let’s be honest here… nobody pays any attention to the substance of what Dalrymple says except when it’s a “yep” or “nope” dictated by Apple. I pretty much come here for a few links. Dalrymple’s commentary is pretty awful.

      • matthewmaurice

        “nobody pays any attention to the substance of what Dalrymple says except when it’s a ‘yep’ or ‘nope’ dictated by Apple.” I think the numbers pretty much show that’s not true. By the way, how many monthly uniques does your blog get?

        • fucktards

          Apparently now I need a blog of my own to be able to point out crap? Sorry, I’m not living in 2001. I don’t have a blog anymore.

  • EdisonCarter

    Wow trolls found this site? What happened, is down?

    • collider

      lol – you beat me by a few seconds! Weird to get so many trolls all at once… And JD’s commentary is spot on. Maybe we needed the laugh audio to go with this one…

  • Mayson

    I’m shocked by the media sensationalism over what is, all in all, a piece of shit story. See the following for details:

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    God you anti-apple zealots are pathetic. Stick to your own sites like Verge and Engadget.

  • Moeskido

    A true successor to Windows.

  • Lukas

    I don’t really understand this. You didn’t write anything (that I can remember) about the iPhone issues Jonathan Zdziarski discovered, even though that might actually be relevant to your readers.

    However, you do publish a completely content-free newspost about an Android flaw that had zero real-world implications, and doesn’t even apply to the majority of your readers, who likely use iPhones.

    How does that help anyone?

    Since you’re using Apple gear, wouldn’t it make more sense to hold them accountable, because that might improve the stuff you’re actually using?

    What’s the point of this post?

    • You mean the one that requires you to unlock the iPhone, plug it in via USB, then tap a giant button “Trust” to get access?

      Who cares! Have you been paying attention to what ELSE you can do via USB these days?