Samsung postpones launch of Tizen phone


Samsung Electronics Co. suffered another blow to its efforts to cut the dependency of its smartphone business on Google Inc.’s Android operating system, postponing the launch of a new model that runs on its own Tizen software.

The news is the latest disappointment for the Korean giant which is trying to defend its position as the world’s largest maker of smartphones from the twin challenges of Apple Inc. and, at the other end of the market range, Chinese companies such as Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi.

Samsung is getting squeezed.

  • invinciblegod

    Well at least they didn’t release a dud like the amazon phone. It’s usually better to kill a product than to release it and lose billions.

  • James Hughes

    What’s really sad (?) is the linked article doesn’t have one comment, not one. Imagine if this was an article about Apple in the same vein? No way there would be no comments. The lack of interest is telling too. Almost as telling as

    I never get tired of looking at Samsung’s original designs.

  • Terry Maraccini

    Perhaps Tizen is what Apple customers most need to see.

    • James Hughes


      • calden74

        Just something new to bitch about. I like my MacBook, prettiest BSD around but I don’t luuuuuvvv it. It’s just another tool for me but these Apple enthusiasts are a little too militant about their choice of computer brand. Check out one of the many forums dedicated to their cause; is one. Wow, you would think Samsung was public enemy numero uno.

        • James Hughes

          You think that is what Terry means? That’s an awful lot of assumption.

          • calden74

            Terry can respond if it isn’t. Why would you care what my interpretation is anyway. I’m going to make another, you saw Apple and jumped in with a why. Are you posting because you have an emotional attachment to a company that produces inanimate objects. So I’m going to ask why now, what makes Apple, Samsung, whoever something worth defending. It’s just a company, their not your friends, they don’t watch your kids for you when you want to take your wife out on date night. So who cares what negative or positive comment that I may post.

          • James Hughes

            Defending? I am not defending anyone or anything, I was and am just genuinely curious as to what Terry meant. Nothing more, nothing less. The rest of your post (rant?) makes me wonder why you are posting something so seemingly angry though. And of course I am wondering what your interpretation was, YOU replied to my question to someone else.

          • calden74

            Just bored, don’t get upset, it’s the internet.

          • James Hughes

            Nope, not upset. You seem upset though. Maybe go outside for a while?

          • calden74

            I’m already outside, watching the sunset. I didn’t mean to jump to conclusions nor jump all over you, I’m sorry. I have been goofing around on the internet a bit too long today. Every single comment section that I have seen in regards to new gadgets coming today had an exuberant amount of Apple fans commenting on how crappy they were. Every single one, products that weren’t even Apples. I personally don’t have a problem with Apple products, I use a MacBook and I have an iPad for music creation but these Apple fans are for a lack of a better word, unabated. Their locusts, spreading their cult like mentality throughout every tech releated forum and comment section. Just a little overwhelming, don’t believe me, go too Engadgets site and select a review for any tablet or phone that isn’t Apple’s and count how many negative comments are made from these Apple cultists.

          • James Hughes

            Of course I do see people like this as well. Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Android is better! No iOS is!! Windows 8 all the way!! Fanboiii! I don’t quite get it either to be honest. But as for me that was never the issue. I really just wanted to know what Terry meant!


            Enjoy the rest of your night and I appreciate the apology.

        • I’m a big fan of the “I just awoke from a decades long coma what did I miss?” style of forum commentary.

  • Another lesson the competition simply will not learn: announce what you actually have ready to sell.

    • Moeskido

      Few companies other than Apple actually have that level of patience and restraint.

      • calden74

        Microsoft is defiantly one of those who seem to have just unlimited patients. case in point Windows Mobile.

        • Being dead doesn’t make one “patient”. The dead feel no sense of urgency.