Walk this way: 6 pedometer apps for iPhone


Apple’s M7 processor, currently in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina display, collects data from the device’s sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass) and then provides that data to the apps.

But how accurate is an M7 processor at counting steps? To find out, I downloaded six popular step-counting apps on both an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 4s, and then carried both phones to track my steps over a few weeks. Then I took (a lot) of walks, including a few where I literally counted each step in order to compare results.

Here’s the breakdown of each app’s features and flaws.

I’ve used some of these and quickly found out something crucial – I don’t walk nearly enough.

  • James Hughes

    Yup, as did I. No where near the 10,000 or so steps you’re supposed to take each day. I was walking everyday for a while. Maybe I’ll take this post as a queue to get off my duff again.

  • Tim W

    I personally like:


    It lets you see when during the day you are most/least active so you can get motivated to get off the couch.