Five basic iOS tips that might surprise you

There’s some good stuff in this video. The biggest surprise was the two finger tap in a paragraph of text. Worth the price of admission right there. Even if you knew all five of these, pass this along to your iOS newbie friends.

Nice job, Joshua.

  • Christopher Mackay

    …and the link to the video…?

  • Costa K

    That double finger tap to select a whole line or paragraph in Pages just may have saved my life.

    Slight exaggeration but a great tip nonetheless.

    • Paulo Clayton

      You ain’t lying. Up to this point I’ve hated doing any kind of in-depth editing on the iPad, so I’m excited to start putting that particular tip to use.

    • Keir Thomas

      As I mention below, Joshua stole four out of five of these from a piece I wrote for Macworld last week. He didn’t steal the entire tip, though, which is a shame because not only can you tap with two fingers to select something, but you can also expand your fingers apart after tapping to increase the selection area. Give it a try.

  • Keir Thomas

    Jim, four out of five of these tips are stolen from my Macworld piece that was published a week before this video was put online by Cult of Mac. They’re little known tips, which was the whole point of my piece at Macworld. Joshua needs to know that stealing is NOT cool.