CSNY 1974, a brilliant bit of work

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young were a mercurial supergroup. Each of the four members brought some specific individual skills that came together beautifully to form a harmonious whole.

If you’ve never listened to them before, this is a fantastic entry point. Here’s a link to the album on iTunes. Scroll to the bottom and hit Preview All.

The production is astonishing, especially considering that this was material captured live about 40 years ago.

  • dreyfus2

    Fantastic album, bought it the day it was released. Can’t yet decide if I like this one, or the one recorded three years earlier (Four Way Street) better.

    This one has some great songs which are not on the older album, but it lacks some outstanding tracks (like the absolutely astonishing guitar duel between Young and Stills on ‘Southern Man’, one of the best I’ve ever heard). Four Way Street was the first album I bought in my life, and I bought my first guitar around two weeks later…

    Can’t go wrong with either.

  • Moeskido

    This extraordinary band is one I haven’t revisited since I put my vinyl away and the last turntable broke. I need to rectify that fairly soon.

  • Gerry

    I just saw them in concert at the beginning of the month. They still have it… Not like 30 years ago, but for what they have been through, it was one good concert.