Oh Samsung

Samsung on Wednesday announced the imminent release of its “Level” headphone and portable speaker lineup, which features four premium devices seemingly aimed directly at Apple’s Beats hardware.

I’m shocked that just weeks after Apple buys Beats, Samsung has plans for high-end headphones. Shocked!

  • Sigivald


    Level was announced before the Beats acquisition.

    Samsung makes home entertainment stuff, so it’s not really surprising.

    • Tvaddic

      Yeah Samsung can’t design, produce, and market a headphone line in the month since Apple’s Beats announcement.

      I can’t wait until Apple releases a tv and everyone says Samsung when Samsung announces tv that been in the pipes for months.

  • Bill

    Hey dumbass these were announced before the Beats acquisition.

  • Guest

    So it seems that these were announced before the Beats acquisition. It doesn’t negate the fact that Samsung’s R&D process is still, CTRL-C then CTRL-V.

    • blingity

      Given Jim’s outrage when Reuters truncated a Tim Cook quote, this level of a mistake and distortion seems a little hypocritical.

  • Guest

    So it seems these were announced before the Beats acquisition. Still doesn’t negate the fact that Samsung’s R&D mainly consists of CTRL-C then CTRL-V.

  • calhoun

    This joke is getting lame. We understand you are “sarcastically” shocked every time. You don’t have to repeat yourself. As you have said before, don’t try to be clever when you clearly are not.

    • clever enough to get a hater like you to be a regular reader. shocked!

      • calhoun

        ooh. did i touch a nerve 🙂

  • Level was announced in April, but it seems they didn’t have plans to bring it to US. Now they do. It is possible that is because of the Beats deal.

    In April they said “Samsung Level series will be available for purchase beginning in mid-May in most markets around the world.” Clearly, they weren’t available in mid-may in US.

  • HowmaNoid

    SamScum don’t know any other way. They have zero to offer unless there’s some one else’s stuff to copy. They even copied Dyson’s vacuums. Let’s stop giving them column inches, it just makes it worse.

    • Yup. Samsung can’t even suck in an original way.

  • Lukas

    Because everything in the world happens due to Apple.

    It’s just not plausible that Samsung can go from no plans at all to a shipping product within the timespan Jim implies here — unless they’re freaking geniuses, which was probably not what Jim wanted to imply.

  • Lukas

    Also, unlike the crap Beats makes, the Samsung headphones might actually be decent.

  • rebel

    I like how you’re outraged when other media sources get the smallest details wrong about anything Apple, calling them scumbags and idiots. But then you go around getting key details about their competitors wrong. That’s some great journalism there Jimmy.