About the rumor Jay Carney could be Apple’s next PR boss

From Business Insider:

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Could Be Apple’s Next PR Boss


Tim Cook has never even met Jay Carney.

  • imthedude

    I love when you club these stories over the head.

  • Steve Sande

    It would be impossible for Apple to hire Jay Carney as the PR boss. The company needs someone who tells the truth.

    • MacsenMcBain

      I concur wholeheartedly. Apple would be better suited with someone who has never set foot in Washington DC.

      • matthewmaurice

        That may be so, but when you’ve got a former Vice-President on your Board of Directors you’re clearly not averse to a political veteran.

    • mactechgeek

      Oh come on.. “someone who tells the truth”? Really? PR isn’t journalism. It’s about “directing the narrative”, influencing opinions, agendas and reception. Sure, you can achieve these goals in a straight-forward, clear and concise Apple-like way but “telling the truth” in and off itself isn’t a goal for any PR department. It’s a mean to and end, if suitable, at best. Even in Cupertino – where, one would think, PR is more about “educating/explaining highly opinionated design decisions” than it is about “hiding dirty laundry” or “twisting the facts”, anyway.

      So, in a way, I would still agree that the hire wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

      On the other side: During that very strange eBook trail – even more so with it’s upsetting outcome – many people suggested that Apple could use a stronger foothold in Washington. I’d rather see them hire Jay Carney as PR chief than spending millions on shady politicians and their campaigns.

  • chjode

    Sounds like a story that Carney leaked in order to get considered for the position.

  • TechManMike

    Swisher’s report was the first time Jay Carney had even heard about there being a company named Apple…

    • At the risk of somehow sounding political (somehow),

      I see what you did there

  • rogifan

    Thank you Jim!

  • Keeping this totally apolitical (as in not right or left), Carney wasn’t even that great and not all that well respected of a Press Secretary (particularly by the White House Press Corps). Probably a lot better options out there.

  • Not to naysay the naysaying, but Tim not meeting Jay doesn’t negate the possibility that Jay’s name has been “bandied about”. They do have a connection through Lisa Jackson, former head of EPA under President Obama and current Apple environmental chief. If (and I mean IF) Jackson mentioned Carney as an option, then his name was “bandied about” for the job. Doesn’t mean it went anywhere beyond that. Of course, we don’t know how far the search itself has gone. Could be none of the candidates have met Tim Cook yet.

    • rogifan

      Dalrymple saying “nope” is good as gold that it’s not happening.

      • I’m not questioning the “nope”. In fact, if Jim had left it at that, I would have nothing to doubt. But he didn’t, so I do.

        • rogifan

          Not sure why that causes doubt. Had he not used the word “nope” and just provided his own doubt then I might agree.

          • It opens the door to doubt because it adds a flaw to the argument. It’s like an overeager prosecutor throwing all the available evidence at a clearly guilty killer (a scenario that’s frequently repeats itself). At first glance, it seems the more evidence you have, the stronger the case. But when you nail weak supports into strong, it introduces flaws (nail points) into the strong supports and adds weight to the structure that itself adds strain to the support. In other words, more evidence does not necessarily mean stronger evidence (much as more features and more phones does not mean better phones).

            Whether Cook met Carney does not affect whether Carney might be considered, so why add that detail? Does Jim think it means something? It doesn’t. All it does is add a flaw to what would have been a solid “nope”.

    • “Tim not meeting Jay doesn’t negate the possibility that Jay’s name has been “bandied about”.

      Carney’s name is being “bandied about” but not by anyone at Apple, contrary to all the (typically stupid) “reporting” of this story by the tech media.

      Not even the original source of the story (which, in case no one has bothered to check, is ONE LINE of a larger Re/Code story) said anything about Apple being interested in Carney. Doesn’t stop the asshats in the media from failing reading comprehension and jumping to conclusions, though.

      • You seem certain no one at Apple is discussing Jay Carney as an option, despite their connection to Carney (through Jackson) and opening for a head of PR who can handle the press at the highest level and spin scandals while keeping secrets. I would think the company that says “no” to a thousand options would first have to consider a thousand options.

        • G

          “spin scandals”

          Some options are not on the table to consider.

          • Right. Because no one overreacts to iPhones dropping calls when held or allegations of stock backdating and poor factory conditions, and the media is so cool about this stuff they never have to be managed.

        • rogifan

          Jim would never use his legendary “nope” if there was any doubt. Also, note that the original story was about Uber and had one line that claimed his name was being “bandied about” for Apple. But the story never claimed anyone at Apple was throwing his name around.

        • Yes – I am certain.

      • matthewmaurice

        Not even “one line” really, it’s a parenthetical to ONE LINE.

    • superf88

      Are you implying that there is an EPA?

  • Sigivald

    “Business Insider is the source?

    Not going to happen.”

  • Swisher wouldn’t say anything if there was no intent for word to get around.

    Man, and Re/code/AllThingsD has been a very solid source of rumors. Time to add a grain of salt, so to speak. :/

  • matthewmaurice

    I love how an article, mostly about Uber looking for a pol, and definitively stating that Jay Carney had talked to Uber became an article about him joining Apple, despite nothing concrete that Apple has ever even considered him.

    • Exactly. Utterly ridiculous how that one line got blown so out of proportion by the (typical) nimrods in the tech media.

  • Moeskido

    If only Ron Ziegler was still alive. Oh, the comedy.

  • springer

    Carney would drive more business away … not attract it. He’s a known liar.

    • LOL You may be unclear as to what “PR” does. Lots of PR professionals are “known liars”. Hell, Katie Cotton, who’s job many seem to think Carney was up for, was famous for lying directly to the media, myself included.

      • springer

        …. he’d be perfect for the job then.