LeBron’s essay

I don’t know how pervasive this story is outside the US, but inside the US, the saga of LeBron James leaving Cleveland for Miami and then returning home after 4 years to re-sign with the Cavaliers is huge. The announcement happened today.

James wrote an essay detailing his rationale for coming back to Cleveland, an essay that stands with some of the best sports essays I have ever read. It’s not too long, an easy read, well worth your time.

  • Melissa McGuire

    Thanks for posting Dave. I’ve been ambivalent because while I’m a Clevelander, I’m not a basketball fan. So, I’ve never cared about the whole LeBron saga. His essay, however, is exactly how I feel about my town. Nothing is easy here. We earn everything we have, and lose more times than we win. But we keep on going no matter what. Sounds like LeBron has done a bit of growing up. That’s a good thing. I’m impressed.

    • Dave Mark

      That is exactly how I feel. LeBron has done a bit of growing up, definitely a good thing.

  • Mayson

    What’s the saying – “Home is where the heart is”. Sounds like LeBron is following his heart home…

  • H. Nasse

    I don’t know how pervasive this story is outside the US Well, let me sum it up; in he face of football World Cup finals, who gives a fuck?

  • Mantrax

    “I don’t know how pervasive this story is outside the US”

    I’m outside the US, first time I hear about it here, I don’t know LeBron’s story, and I don’t care. I mean, nothing against the guy, but since you were curious how pervasive it is – it doesn’t exist outside the US.

    • http://www.yourmaclifeshow.com/ Shawn King

      As usual, generalizations are easily proven false. It’s all over the local news here in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • http://www.johncblandii.com John C. Bland II

    Really well written announcement. Bravo!