Apple adds iTunes Extras to Apple TV, iOS 8

Apple released iTunes 11.3 on Thursday, bringing iTunes Extras to Apple TV and iOS 8 when its released this fall.

As Apple explains, “iTunes Extras can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, directors commentary, scenes and more.” The iTunes Extras are included in HD movies.


Because iTunes Extras are in the cloud, movie studios can update or add extras at any time, giving users a more dynamic experience. This could include any of the content mentioned above, or other bonus material from the filmmakers.

Apple already has iTunes Extras content in quite a few movies, including 21 Jump Street; 300: Rise of an Empire; American Hustle; Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues; The Bourne Identity; The Bourne Legacy; Captain Phillips; Cinderella; The Dark Knight Rises; Despicable Me; Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax; Forrest Gump; Frozen; Ghostbusters; The Incredibles; Man of Steel; and many more.


If you already purchased HD movies from iTunes, Apple will automatically add the extras to your account as they become available, at no charge.

You can download iTunes 11.3 by launching the Mac App Store and checking for updates.

Update: Added images and the titles of movies with iTunes Extras.

  • Larry Davis

    Wow, I can’t believe it. Only took 4 years after it was promised.

  • Matthew Manchester


  • JohnK

    This is the best update since they added the Korean channel

  • GrumpyMonkeyPants

    This only works with movies that are in the cloud. Movies > Purchased. It doesn’t work with older movies that you have previously purchased through iTunes and have sitting on iTunes. Example: Prometheus, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Dark Knight.

    • ok so i have Prometheus, bought thru iTunes. it doesnt reside anywhere on my hardware — not on my mac, not on my iOS devices. yet, i can go into Apple TV > Movies and see it in my purchases there. you dont think im going to be able to view the iTunes Extras for it?

      i do.

      • GrumpyMonkeyPants

        It may have to do with when you originally purchased or how you purchased. Almost all of my movies do not show up in Movies > Purchased.

        • yeah, i think its only a matter of getting the iTunes Extra content into their new system. the content exists, and the system exists, so im inclined to believe that.

    • lucascott

      They probably also need to revamp the Extras for each title. The computer/ATV launch is likely precursor to the big full to do when they are announce it at the fall iOS hardware fete. Until then movies will be updated, new ones added etc a few at a time. And then hopefully TV shows and LP will follow suit.

    • Jackie Jormpjomp

      Yes it does

  • Tarlbot

    Not sure what is new about this.

    • how about the fact that you cant currently view iTunes Extras on an Apple TV or iOS device. impossible. thats what the article is about — the ability to view the extras.

    • lucascott

      After the launch of the ATV Gen 2 you could only watch Extras on a computer. And they had to be downloaded to the computer to work.

      Plus it sounds like they are super pushing the whole Extras thing so that all movies will have Extras, with support for a larger variety of types, so that we don’t have to choose between iTunes or having the features (which would require buying a disk).

      What remains to be seen is what happens with those ‘digital copy’ add ons in box sets. And what quality are these videos. Are they still SD even if paired with an HD movie or are they equal to the quality of the movie. And are they h.264 or might this be a QT test of h.265.

  • Japester

    I was hoping to make some of my own, but it doesn’t seem that locally stored iTunes Extras packages will be a part of this. I can’t see any of mine right now.

    • Perspectively

      Isn’t everything that would include iTunes Extras “Purchased” though? Therefore, wouldn’t it all be available via the Movies “app” in Apple TV?

      • Japester

        Good point. Nothing in the Movies app. I would have expected to see it in my Computer > Movies.

        I don’t stream. I run a completely local system, everything coming from iTunes on my computer, so I didn’t think that these would appear elsewhere.

        I still haven’t read anything that tells you exactly where you can get to these extras on the Apple TV.

        • GrumpyMonkeyPants

          In my experience I can only get the extras by going to Movies > Purchased. None of my local movies work with is almost all of them. It think it only applies to movies when they started storing movies in the cloud for you, which no one has reported on.

    • lucascott

      It doesn’t appear that its required. I”m not sure about if you download the movie for offline viewing (haven’t tried it yet) but I did just upgrade my iTunes and I noticed Extras appear yes they are included with those ‘digital copies’. And I have a handful of movies I bought directly and I can still download the old Extras files. I’m not sure how long that will last so I’m grabbing them to store away to compare to the new ones

  • Japester

    I don’t have any of the listed movies, but I’ve got movies I bought a while ago. What worries me is that they won’t get updated and I won’t be able to play them from my computer. Still a few unanswered questions.

    Also, how do you get to iTunes Extras on the Apple TV?

    • iSub

      The iTunes extras only work from the cloud in Movies>Purchases and not all titles with extras have had their extras updated yet. If you press ‘play movie’ from within the extras menu it starts streaming the movie even if you have a local copy! Playing locally stored extras is not support at all unfortunately

  • GrumpyMonkeyPants

    Not seeing your movies in Movies > Purchased? Try this: Go to iTunes > Account > iTunes in the Cloud > Hidden Purchases > Manage to unhide them.

    • Clovers78

      Thank you so much for this! I have been trying for months to figure out how to get my movie back. Sent a message to apple and no response. Finally got it back thanks to you!