How GM and Philips almost killed “Toy Story” and all of your favorite Pixar movies


Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull recently published a book called Creativity Inc., bout how creativity and business can work hand in hand. The book is filled with stories from Catmull’s journey at Pixar, some details of which have never been told publicly before. One of the stories is about how a business deal came within seven days from changing history as we know it. Not only would Toy Story never have been made, it is very likely the computer animation revolution would have happened entirely differently or maybe not even at all.

The world would be a less joyous place if this had happened.

  • I think the insight into how much Pixar changed Steve Jobs shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Probably no Apple by now.

    • James Hughes

      Actually that too is mentioned in the link, near the bottom.

      “Also: Who is to say what would have happened to Steve Jobs and his future developments at Apple if things had gone that way. It’s possible that Jobs would have still returned to Apple to lead the company he founded to the amazing innovations that have shaped out modern world. But it’s also possible that his decade at the helm of Pixar helped shape his attitude and inform his choices. Toy Story was released a year before Apple welcomed Jobs back. It’s impossible to see what might have happened if this deal had gone through, but it’s amazing to think about.”

      • I was referring to Shawn’s summary. 🙂

        • I prefer not to summarize too much. I want people to go to the original source to get details.