British regulator to probe creepy Facebook experiment

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office said it would look into the Facebook experiment. That’s one problem for Facebook. Another is a potential class-action suit:

Critics of Facebook’s study have raised the specter that the company could face a class-action lawsuit over the study. According to a report in Forbes, the company added mention of research to its terms of service months after the study was conducted.

Julia Horwitz, a consumer protections counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said however that other portions of the user agreement could protect Facebook from legal action.

Horwitz, however, said she believes the study may have violated Facebook’s agreement with the FTC, which called for better transparency in how user information was being used.

Troubles for the little f.

  • They were never known for transparency. Nor for playing fair.

  • Sher Salt

    Exec’s are so addicted to ad revenue, so hard up for their next fix, that they don’t even realize when they cross the “Trust” line. Douchebags are going to run the company into the ground just like AOL. Not that I liked AOL.

  • Terry Maraccini

    I’m certain that in the near future there will be a class action lawsuit. And, all the whiners about did no wrong may finally understand that Academic and Ethical standards have to be enforced.