Amazon sues former employee after he leaves for Google


Amazon said Szabadi, who left the company in May after nearly six years, can’t solicit business from any of his former customers for 18 months after his departure. He joined Google as a lead for the reseller ecosystem team in May.

In response, Szabadi’s lawyer told Amazon that Szabadi has also signed an agreement with Google, vowing not to do business with any AWS clients that he remembers having “material direct contact” with, or that he knows “confidential information” about, according to the court document. The agreement is in effect for six months.

Google is not backing down and is planning a strong defense for the suit. said a person familiar with the company’s strategy.

Will be interesting to see how this works out. Non-compete clauses are controversial and not all states allow them. California, for example, invalidates non-competes for non-stakeholders, meaning they are not allowed for regular employees. And states that allow them hold them to a high standard, only allowing them if the terms are reasonable.

  • Dennis Madrid

    It’s interesting to see things like this unfold in the tech industry, especially since it stands out in such a stark contrast to other industries like law. To a law firm one of the deciding factors on hiring attorneys (especially at the partner level) is how many of their clients/relationships/etc. they bring with them. It’s almost expected that you’ll be bringing more than just yourself if you move to another firm, and it’s one of the factors in determining things like compensation, seniority, etc. when they change firms.

  • Amazon has a policy that you can only work in one department for so many years, and then you have to apply to another department, or leave. A friend’s son was one of the main editors at Amazon’s MP3 department. Recently he was forced to leave because he couldn’t find another department to hire him, and his homophobe boss didn’t want him around any more.

    And they have the nerve to punish people for leaving? Another hypocrisy from Amazon, another day.