Withings made a smartwatch you might actually want to wear


Although the watch—designed in Paris and made in Switzerland—resembles its analog ancestors, it contains all the technology of a fitness tracker. It monitors distance covered (walking, running, or swimming), calories burned, and quantity and quality of sleep, all of which will sync with Withing’s existing Health Mate app. The watch, called Activité, can also tell time. It will automatically adjust to changing time zones, and its battery will last a year.

The watch will be available for $390 this autumn, in two unisex color options.

It certainly is a nice looking watch. Not my “personal style” but simple and elegant looking – which I’m not.

  • James Hughes

    Meh. I don’t wear a watch anymore, like many people. This won’t get me to want to wear one either. I really do not think Apple is going to manufacture iWatches. “wearables” can mean many things.. we will see.

  • Terry Maraccini

    Nice design in the classic style. I stopped wearing things on my wrist because I’m careless with my movements and things just broke.

  • DanielSw

    I did some design work for a magazine about high-end watches. Their so-called “complications” were amazing and impressive. Their precious materials and craftsmanship commanded exorbitant prices—one such piece was priced at $1M!!

    Back down near the reasonable end, of some interest to me, are TAG Huer and Movado. But still, $1K+ for a timepiece is rather silly when I have accurate time handy on my iPhone always.

    This Withings watch is handsome, but, after viewing their website, I’m not impressed. $390 is still too much for a gadget a few mannequins look good with—except the guy with the rolled-up slacks and no socks. Gimme a break.

    If Apple indeed is coming out with a watch, it’s going to have to be on the order of “something we didn’t know we needed, and we’re honestly surprised and delighted by it.”

  • Colin

    This is a really nice looking “wearable”. What people fail to realize is watches are fashion accessories, especially for men, and this definitely fills that role nicely. I think the only challenge is this form factor doesn’t work well for sleep monitoring. Who wears a watch to bed?

  • Moeskido

    Pretty. Reminds me of my Skagen watch, which I haven’t worn in at least four years. I should probably work up a picture frame to display it on the wall.

    • Or on your desk so you can use it as a clock when you aren’t glancing at the time on your computer screen

      Of course, if it’s a windup, you’ll have to open the frame or shake the thing to get the watch going every other day or so.

      • Moeskido

        Right, because I don’t already have enough tchotchkes cluttering up my desk. 😉

        It’s battery-powered. Last time I wore it was for an interview. Battery was already dead, but it looked good, so I kept it on. Got the job, as I recall.

  • John V.

    Hey, Shawn. I’m trying to decide if your actions are pissing me off, or entertaining me. Stay tuned.