Samsung and its lawyers fined $2M for leaking details of Apple/Nokia patent deal


A court has fined lawyers Quinn Emanuel and Samsung a total of $2M for misusing confidential details of a patent deal struck between Apple and Nokia.

The documents were supplied by Apple to Samsung’s lawyers purely so that it could see that Apple was telling the truth about its patent deals with other companies. The documents were marked “for attorney’s eyes only” and were not to be revealed to Samsung executives.


  • the Ugly Truth

    $2M only? yeah….that will really teach em’ a lesson! The “criminal” justice system at work!

    • LTMP

      As someone once said “The US doesn’t have a justice system, it has a legal system”.

  • That information would be worth a lot more than $2M.

  • Good.

    Was it split between the two or was it just the law firm?