Apple TV updated with new channels

Apple debuted a number of new channels to the Apple TV this morning, adding ABC News, PBS Kids, Willow TV, and AOL On.

The Apple TV is the first connected device to feature ABC News, and you don’t need to authenticate to view the programming. The ABC channel will feature live, multi-streaming video and on-demand content, entertainment news, live hourly updates, original programming and video highlights.

PBS Kids is only available in the US and will feature full-length episodes and clips of popular shows including Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Peg + Cat, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Arthur, Wild Kratts and Sesame Street. Shows will typically be available 24 hours post-broadcast.

Willow TV is the official broadcaster of cricket in the US and Canada and requires a $14.99 subscription. AOL On will feature curated content from News, Entertainment, Tech, Food and Sports.

Now I just need an English Premier League channel. I use my Apple TV everyday—it just keeps getting better.

  • Hellgi

    The channel management is becoming a complete mess, though…

    • Is it any worse than a typical DVR? At least I can hide unused channels on Apple TV. Comcast doesn’t provide means to hide any channels at all. And they have hundreds.

    • Not even close.

      Many of us have over 3 dozen apps on our phones. 40 or 50 apps on our computers. Could we please stop getting worked up over a screen that has less than 25 icons on the screen at any one time?

    • Brian Mauter

      Agreed. How about a guide style listing? You could still turn channels on and off and sort the list manually. Instead of showing time slots, leave the area open for rotating ads (well, not really ads), much like each channel now shows near the top. They wouldn’t be nearly as large. Whichever row is selected could also show featured content in a larger area at the top of the screen.

      PBS Kids could cycle ads for their shows. ESPN would likely feature whatever they’re streaming at the moment. Flickr might show thumbnails and captions of the 3 most recent photos.

  • imthedude

    Zzzz… we need more than just channel updates. This thing needs an overhaul of the software, and an app store for people to make their own channels. Then it will be where I personally think it needs to be. (that said, I do own one, and I’d love one with much more functionality)

    • hferniza

      Totally agree!! An app/channel store can fight against Roku!!!

  • matthewmaurice

    “Now I just need an English Premier League channel.” Oh, if only…

  • Dave Aiello

    In the United States, I think that the equivalent of the English Premier League channel would be NBC Sports Live Extra, However, that is an iOS app, not an Apple TV channel right now.

    NBC Sports Live Extra does support AirPlay.

    I have no idea why NBC Universal has not created a channel that’s equivalent to NBC Sports Live Extra for Apple TV, but at the time of the Winter Olympics they said, “**We do not support XBOX, Apple TV, Roku,”

  • Brian Mauter

    Both PBS offerings are top-notch. Hopefully the other over-the-air networks like ABC, CBS and NBC will take notice.

    I use a TiVoHD with an antenna for free HD content. Since it’s recording shows all the time, I never run out of things to watch. Unfortunately the box plus lifetime service is around $600 though. Until I got an AppleTV, I was fearful of the day that the TiVo stopped working. Now I’ll probably go without.