Starting Anew

Angela Ahrendts:

Last month, as you might have heard, I started a new job. At some point in your career, maybe you too have made the life-altering decision to start anew. If so, you know firsthand how exciting, challenging and sometimes disorienting the first 30, 60, 90 days can be. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately myself.

I am by no means an expert at these transitions, but I’ve always tried to be consistent in how I run, exit and begin in a new business. I thought I would share a few professional and personal insights which are helping me adapt to a new sector, culture and country.

Very interesting to see this – an Apple executive blogging could be fascinating, even if always vetted by the PR Machine.

  • John V.

    Starting anew, this is how I feel now that you assholes brought the censorship tanks and deleted all my comments.

    I was building something here, something important, that I was hoping to leave to my kids one day, you assholes!

    But let’s drink to starting anew. Beginner’s mind and shit. Burp. Yeah.

    • 1) You need to go look up the meaning of “censorship”

      2) You have no “right to free speech” on this web site. You are allowed to comment at the pleasure of the web site owner.

      3) I’ve had many of your comments deleted because they were offensive.

      4) calling the people who manage this web site names and insulting them is the best way to continue to have your posts deleted.

      5) The rules here are simple. You continue to break them and you’ll continue to suffer the consequences as set down by the site’s owners

      • John V.

        Jesus, you really take yourself seriously, dude.

        I mean, if I wake up one day and notice I’ve started numbering my sentences, I’d honestly shoot myself.

        • You need things explained to you as simply as possible. Just trying to help you out.

          • John V.

            I can’t understand what you just said. It’s not numbered.

  • DanielSw

    From this blog post of hers, she seems especially inclined, personality-wise, to relate to us on a relatively personal level. I like that a lot.

    Perhaps it’s her particular post which also seems to demand such from her more so than from other Apple senior VPs, as her products necessarily reach out to not only existing Apple customers, but to many more new and prospective customers and she needs to have her finger on their pulse, so to speak.

    With recent news of new store openings in Rio and Prague, both new countries for Apple, I’m now realizing more of the significance of the Apple Retail strategy: what better way to introduce Apple products to new areas than via its standard retail experience? Stores stocked with the standard array of working and connected products for people to actually try and experience, with standardly trained staff available to answer questions, etc.

    This would never have been possible within the old dealership network.

    I see Angela as a caring and compassionate executive over this important aspect of Apple’s business, a person who can competently foster and further develop its expansion as well as its functions.