Ireland assembles legal team to defend Apple tax case

In a strongly worded statement issued to international media yesterday, the Department of Finance said that Ireland was “confident that there is no state aid rule breach in this case and we will defend all aspects vigorously.” It signalled its intent to fight the ruling in the European Court of Justice should the commission find against the State.

Good for Ireland.

  • taguntumi

    I’m not sure it is as clear as your recent posts have made it. Companies have a right to set up where they want but there are some questionable practices (amongst all companies) where all the value in a sale is funneled through a low tax regime despite the reality of a sale being in another country. Where high ‘royalty’ rates reduce profitability to zero or near it. These might be legal but they are questionable and governments should have cracked down on them years ago. Ireland may be legally right but it is being opportunistic and will be vulnerable to concerted action by the EU/US to ensure value stays where the transaction actually takes place.

    • Colin Jensen

      I agree Ireland is being opportunist. But as a Country, that is Ireland’s Right.

      It’s also sensible: their economy will never catch up with the larger European economies if they arbitrarily restrict themselves to having the exact same rules as the more advance economies.

      • taguntumi

        Absolutely agree but larger economies where the real economic value lies have a right to take action in return which is effectively what the EU is doing.