Apple TV brings you a World Cup highlight machine

Traditional television is static. Here’s your list of channels, watch what you like. If you have a DVR, you can time shift your shows, record them to watch later. On-demand offers another level of time shifting and access to a library of content, some of which you have to pay for. DVR and On-demand extend the traditional TV model, making it a bit more dynamic.

Apple TV and its WatchESPN app take this one step further.

I found some hidden features of the WatchESPN app on Apple TV that make it the best overall tool for U.S. cable and satellite TV subscribers who want to absorb as much of the sites and sounds of World Cup without actually being there.

Apple TV offers flexibility that your traditional set top box does not offer. This is a bridge from the static world of traditional television to the dynamic world of the net. Subtle, perhaps, but I think this is just a taste of things to come. Good writeup.

  • Kriztyan

    Yes, I stumbled in to ESPN on the Apple TV. Cool stuff for football fans.

  • monkeyrun

    It will not take off as long as it requires a cable subscription.

  • Forget ESPN. I downloaded the Univision Deportes app to my iPad and get to watch every single game for free. No need to log into any cable carrier. I don’t know if there will be a charge for the quarter,semis and final game, but I’ll gladly pay it for not having to subscribe to cable. Go Univison! (I just watch via antenna when I’m home. Here’s hoping Apple opens app development or more app channels on AppleTV soon!)

    • As an update to the above, I found more information on this. It appears Rounds 1 and 2 are free to watch via the Univsion Deportes app. After that, it will require logging in via your cable provider to access the final World Cup games as well as future live events.

      That’s too bad. So many people out here would gladly pay a small subscription fee directly to the channel to get these things. I will not pay $160 to get 700 channels of crap to get the 4-5 channels that I watch. I will, however, continue to pay my friend to use his login. It helps him with his cable bill (since he does want all of that stuff) and let’s me get just what I want.

      We need some disruption when it comes to cable TV’s power to keep these kind of exclusivity deals alive.

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