Kanye, Jay-Z, Samsung, and the Beats deal

I thought this was interesting, in part because of the politics of the Beats deal and the obvious connections with Samsung and Apple.

But I also find it interesting that Samsung finds it necessary to buy the likes of Jay-Z and Lebron James to build a connection to opinion makers. I can’t think of an instance where Apple has paid an opinion-maker to show themselves with an iPhone or iPad. Perhaps there are exceptions to this, but none spring to mind.

  • Brian Mauter

    Dave, so product placement on primetime shows doesn’t count? Jimmy Fallon had a MacBook Pro with a glowing Apple on his show for years.

    • Tom

      Did Apple give him the laptop? (Possibly) Did Apple give him more than the laptop? (Probably not)

      There was a feature article a year or so ago that indicated Apple give products for use in movies, TV, etc., they don’t pay additional dollars for placement. (Can’t find the article at the moment.) Perhaps this is still the case?

      • Brian Mauter

        Sorry I’m replying three months later.

        The credits on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon included a “Promotional Consideration by” section and Apple was listed. I’m not sure about The Tonight Show, but originally the machine’s glowing Apple logo was obscured and it no longer is.

  • Moeskido

    If West could somehow disappear any farther up his own asshole, he’d have two heads.

  • No Name

    Sorry Samdroids, Apple does not pay for product placement like Samsung. The Creative Industry loves and uses Apple products, not Samsung.