How to swim with sharks and not get eaten

Toronto Star:

The ocean’s apex predator does kill people, but we are much more devastating to sharks than they are to us. And now, conservation-minded scientists are learning more about what makes sharks tick.

I’ve swum with sharks in the Caribbean. An amazing experience.

  • satcomer

    I like how are you can see the chunk taken out of his leg

  • collider

    Wow, great article. I thought it was just going to be a short piece on his trip, but turned into an entire history… I knew a lot of the stories and history already, but great to see it all in one place. I snorkeled with sharks unintentionally off Key West (miles off shore on a sailboat, no one around). One minute the ocean was teaming with life, the next every fish in the place was gone except for the giant black shapes coming toward me. Lots of respect for the ocean keeps you alive…