How an independent reporter broke the Target security breach story, and at what risk

American Journalism Review:

Brian Krebs, 41, of, sits at his Northern Virginia home office, showing me his daily routine. A shotgun in a case leans against the corner of the room. On his desk sit four busy computer monitors and two laptops. One of the monitors has video feeds from security cameras around his house; the others show a range of underground forums and websites that sell stolen personal information and credit cards.

It’s the home of a man who understands that a malicious intruder could come from anywhere.

Except for war zone journalists, Krebs may be the bravest journalist working today.

  • That’s a great article, Shawn. Thanks. 🙂

  • You’re welcome but I didn’t do anything other than link to it. 🙂

    • James Hughes

      Yep, I wouldn’t go anywhere near Brian’s house without a Kevlar vest. It’s amazing when you think about it though. The idea of cybercrime seems so far away. Like it’s not real. This brings it home.

    • Sure, but I’d have never seen it otherwise. 🙂