Apple offers pre-orders for Hachette authors Amazon won’t sell

Apple on Tuesday published a new page on its iBookstore, offering users the opportunity to pre-order upcoming books from publisher Hachette Digital.

There are a variety of authors and books available, including Invisible: James Patterson; The Silkworm: Robert Galibraith/JK Rowling; The Girls of August: Anne Rivers Siddons; California: Edan Lepucki; Mean Streak: Sandra Brown; It’s in His Kiss: Jill Shalvis; and The Burning Room: Michael Connelly, among others.

The move by Apple to offer pre-orders of Hachette authors is even more significant considering Amazon’s recent moves to make it impossible for its customers to buy books published by Hachette. Some have called Amazon’s tactics “extortion,” but publishers and authors have vowed to fight.

Amazon reportedly even confirmed delays in putting some books up for sale as a negotiating tactic against publishers.

It’s hard to believe the government went after Apple, yet they allow Amazon do things like this. Apple settled out of court this morning—Amazon continues to run roughshod over the book industry.

  • GFYantiapplezealots

    I’m glad to see Colbert is fighting against pathetic Amazon.

  • Herding_sheep

    I think this means its time for the DOJ to file another lawsuit against Apple for their obvious collusion with a publisher. Don’t mess with Amazon or they’ll turn the dogs loose.

  • Curmudgeon

    Dang, what took Apple so long to do this?

    • lucascott

      Actually it hasn’t taken them that long at all. We’ve been able to pre order these titles for a while.

      Only new part was the focus page. Which was likely done at Hachette’s request after their last talks with Amazon failed. But Apple would almost certainly have contracted with various parties over those ‘feature’ spots and had to wait for an opening to add the page without violating a previous agreement. And perhaps ran it by the DOJ dude to make sure it wouldn’t run foul of anything lest Judge Cote try to slap them with some kind of fine.