Incredible street musician


  • I’m impressed. 🙂

  • Mitchell Sternbach

    Better than most of our “mega-stars!”

  • Peter Hewson

    My wife just showed me this video last saturday. I’m really impressed and hope he posts more stuff on YouTube. I even let my local radio DJ know about him. It seems he’s quite content busking for a living. Good for him.

  • DanThePhotoMan

    Is there a way we can tip him online? He deserves it!

  • Sher Salt

    Dude’s pretty good with a pick. He should also really take some time to learn to play with his fingers on his right hand, a la classical guitar style.

    • Peter Hewson

      Check out his other videos on YouTube. Mad skills with the fingers, left and right.

    • Lukas

      Geez. Thanks for your pointless contribution.

  • Liam H

    Reminds me lot of Meeting of the Spirits…and that’s a big compliment