Contextual Shopping and iBeacons

Beacons installed inside retail stores like Saks or grocery outlets can send proximity-based alerts to shoppers at the precise moment — and location — that they’re enabled to make a decision on a purchase. This is the holy grail of retail advertising, which normally takes a scattershot approach to ‘pre-advertising’ shoppers or tries to guesstimate when they’re in the vicinity of a product.

I’m not convinced this is something I want when I go shopping. Admittedly, when I do shop, I tend to know exactly what I want and where it is, so maybe I’m not the target market.

  • echotoall

    What i would want to see is the location of my groceries next to each item once i enter the market. And if there is a (one) promotion in the aisle im at, seeing that promo is a price i could pay.

  • I can imagine some scenarios where I’d appreciate this sort of thing, but I expect that most retailers will overdo it, and, having been burned once or twice, I’ll never install any of their apps again.


    went to Wallgreen drug store to buy some thing. They had one price for card holder and double the price for if you didn’t want the card.

    Kroger spent hundreds of million on their reward card to be able to track what their customer buys and give token discount and coupons.

    So iBeacon is just escalation of the above only saving grace is you have to use their app to let them track you.

  • lucascott

    I think it will depend on how they do it. If they go way over the top with it then no, kill it. But if it’s something like flashing up a message that X brand of milk is on sale, when I’m walking down the milk aisle, that might not be so horrid

  • Lukas

    This is creepy and useless. What would be useful instead would be a simple Google for groceries. Enter what you want, it shows on a map where to get it, and where you are.

  • satcomer

    Wow jim you just noticed the difference to shopping men to women. You get the obvious award 🙂