“Who ya gonna call”? The inside story of the “Ghostbusters” music video


In 1984, music videos were still a fairly new phenomena and on the day of the soundstage shoot all the pieces were in place. The song was finished. Actress Cindy Harrell would play the female lead opposite Parker. But, the video didn’t really have a proper director.

“It was a fairly new thing then, people using music videos as promotions for movies. It’s hard for Ivan to sit around and watch someone else direct something,” says Medjuck, who also has a small role in the video. “Ivan just sort of took over, as he is wont to do.”

When Ray Parker Jr. arrived on the set, Reitman told him, “Ray, you’re going to have a famous video because you’re going to have Ivan Reitman direct your video and I’ve never done a video before or after. There won’t be another one. This is it.”

30 years ago. Still a great movie. But I’ve always hated that video.