Fortune’s profile of Tony Fadell


An entire decade passed before Fadell asked VCs for cash again. But what a decade it was. Fadell abandoned Fuse Systems and joined Apple to lead the team that created the iPod. That singular achievement–the iPod rejuvenated Apple and reordered the music industry–transformed him from a struggling startup guy to an accomplished executive who’d withstood the sound and fury of Steve Jobs. Fadell became known around Silicon Valley as the mercurial “godfather” of the iPod, and he added another dazzling line to his résumé by assisting in the development of the iPhone. When he stepped down from Apple’s management team in 2008, there was much speculation about his next move.

Terrific read.

  • John V.

    That guy should stop seeking the spotlight for his Nest efforts by telling “Steve Jobs stories”.

    You blew it Tony, you had something great going, but you sold to the devil.

    Now Apple (and Honeywell) will run the steamroller over you.

    • Pretty sure this is Google PR at work. Less Nest acquisition backlash. More friendly, nostalgic, disruptive innovator. TF is trapped in the middle somewhere.

  • dr.none

    Steve Jobs removed Mr Fadell from his iphone during the iphone introduction keynote.

    That is only accurate response to this kind of drivel.