Moments that changed the movies: Jurassic Park

I still remember being absolutely blown away by the movie and its special effects and wanting to turn right back around and watch it again.

  • Vera Comment

    the most impressive thing to me was the first time you heard the brontosaurus walking. just a very low bass note.. boom boom boom…

    we’d all seen dinos before. this was the first time we heard them.

  • pkerai

    This brings back such good memories — I was 14 when this was released. For me, this and Terminator 2 are the first modern sfx movies, everything else just looks “old”.

  • Moeskido

    Motion blur in stop-motion animation was indeed possible; Phil Tippett himself had done it in 1981’s Dragonslayer, and it worked well. He’d taken stop-motion as far as it could go, but that year’s comparatively primitive Clash of the Titans seemed to get all the attention.