LeBron James to get $30 million as his end of Apple-Beats deal

My favorite line from this article:

For wearing headphones, he would get $11 million more than he makes per year for doing what he does best, playing basketball.

  • Terry Maraccini

    OK, then.

  • JohnDoey

    I don’t think that’s correct. I think playing basketball is LeBron James’ #2 skill, and his #1 skill is business. The NBA is a business.

    There are likely a number of NBA players who are/were exactly as good at basketball as LeBron James, and yet did not have his business skills, and therefore you may not even know who they are, let alone care what headphones they wear. There may even be basketball players who did not make it to the NBA who were as good at basketball as LeBron James, but were not good enough at business to be successful in the NBA business.

    And I wonder why it is that somebody can spend 4 years at some business college when they are in their early 20’s and then make millions of dollars in business and some people will say that is because of skill and hard work, but somebody else can spend 20 years playing a sport, from when they are a small child until their 30’s, have giant success in a professional sports business, demonstrating all kinds of skills of hard work and learning and resolve that are valued in all businesses, and then when they make millions of dollars in business, there are always some people who say that is some kind of undeserved gift or just luck.

    • Zepfhyr

      I would posit that if LeBron James was not good at basketball, he would not have the business acumen he does now. While the NBA is a business and having business sense helps, you can’t enter that business without a certain level of skill in the sport first.

      We can’t know what LeBron would have done had he never played pro ball, but it’s certainly plausible that he would be worth a fraction of what he’s worth now, even if he got a masters of business degree.

      Business skills are critical to being wildly successful in any business, but to say that luck doesn’t enter into it is a foolish statement. Too many people in the world got to where they are because of a “right place, right time” situation that they were SKILLED enough to turn to their advantage.

  • ZonieBill

    My favorite quote from the article was, “Despite being a 10-time all-star, four-time MVP and two-time champion, James as never been the highest-paid player on his team.” It’s hard to believe that the best player in the NBA, has NEVER been the highest paid player on his team!